It is the anastomosis of the common bile duct with the duodenum either side to side or end to side.


History of choledocho-duodenostomy

In 1888 became the first choledochoduodenostomy, incidentally with bad result, was done by Riedel1.

Sprengel carried out in 1891 the first was a successful choledochoduodenostomy due to the presence of a choledochal stone2.

Mayo (1905) was the first to describe the application of this operation in a benign stricture of the ductus choledochus 3, while Sasse (1913) the indication area for choledochoduodenostomy was expanded to add papilla stenosis and pancreatic tumor4.


Indications for Choledocho-duodenostomy

Benign disorders

  • Choledochal stones
  • Hepatic stones
  • Papillary stenosis / strictures
  • post- cholecystectomy syndrome
  • Pancreatitis(??)
  • Benign strictures -  extra hepatic bile ducts
  • Parasitic infection
  • Inflammation of the CBD
  • Congenital disorders of the bile ducts

Malignant diseases

  • Pancreatic carcinoma
  • Extra hepatic biliary duct carcinoma (choliangio carcinoma)


Choledochoduodenostomy techniques


Sasse (1913) - anastomosis in retroduodenal part of CBD (obsolete), advantage - the duodenum and CBD lie absolutely over each other, no tension or stretch on anastomosis, disadvantage - damage to the pancreatic tissue



Some surgeons prefer transverse duodenostomy as the blood vesses run transversely over duodenum therefore less risk of blood loss than longitudinal incision


Classical Choledochoduodenostomy





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