The various Research papers and case reports published in the National and International Journals of Dr. Pawan Lal, Professor of Surgery.


 Dr. Pawan lal

MBBS, MS, DNB (General Surgery),


Thesis entitled " Predictive Value of pre-operative ultrasonography for assessing technical difficulties and complications during laparoscopic cholecystectomy and it's correlation with conversion to open procedure"

Research Papers published in International Journals

The various research papers published in the International and National Scientific Journals of Dr. Pawan Lal

As the first author




As the co-author


  • Chander J, Lal P, Ramteke VK. Rectus abdominis muscle flap for high-output duodenal fistula: novel technique. World J Surg. 2004 Feb;28(2):179-82.


  • Chawla S, Lal P, Ganguly PK, Arora MP, Hadke NS. Endoscope-assisted inguinal hernia repair. JSLS. 2005 Jan-Mar;9(1):42-6.


  • Chander J, Singh L, Lal P, Jain A, Lal P, Ramteke VK. Retroperitoneoscopic lumbar sympathectomy for buerger's disease: a novel technique. JSLS. 2004 Jul-Sep;8(3):291-6.


  • Chander J, Suryavanshi M, Lal P, Singh L, Ramteke VK.Retroperitoneal pyelolithotomy for management of renal calculi.JSLS. 2005 Jan-Mar;9(1):97-101.


  • Chander J, Gupta N, Lal P, Lal P, Ramteke VK. Retroperitoneal laparoscopic Pyelolithotomy Versus Extra-Corporeal Shockwave lithotripsy for management of renal stones. J Min Access Surg. 2010;6:106-10


Research Papers Published in National Journals


National Indexed Journals


  • M A Khan, P N Agarwal, Ashok Seghal, Pawan Lal, V K Malik, Psychobehavioural impact of mastectomy, Indian Journal of Applied Psychology, July 2000, Vol 26, No. 2, 65 – 71.


  • Sarda A K, Garg A, Lal P, Bhalla SA, Kulsrestha VN. Pseudoaneurysm of Pancreatic pseudocyst. Indian J. Surg. 2005; 67:109.


  • Sarda AK, Lal P, Singh L, Bhalla SA, Goyal A. Splenic abscess due to Enteric fever. JIACM. 2004; 5(3): 269-71.


National Non-indexed Publications


  • P N Agarwal, Pawan Lal, “Surgery for Ulcerative colitis”, Published in Proceedings of Surgery Update 1999, MAMC, New Delhi.


  •  P N Agarwal, Pawan Lal, “ Metastatic cervical lymph nodes with unknown primary” published in proceedings of Surgery update 2000, MAMC, New Delhi.


  • Jagdish Chander, Pawan Lal, “Hydatid cyst of liver” published in proceedings of Surgery update 2000, MAMC, New Delhi.


  • V. K. Ramteke, Pawan Lal “Amputations” published in proceedings of Surgery Update 2002, MAMC, New Delhi.


  • Pawan Lal, “ Clinical Examination and Investigations with their scientific basis of Breast Cancer” published in Proceedings of Surgery Update 2011, MAMC, New Delhi.


Abstracts published

International Indexed Journals


  • Pawan Lal, P N Agarwal, V K Malik, A L Chakravarti. Can a difficult Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy or conversion to open procedure be predicted by pre-operative ultrasonography? A prospective study in a large referral center in India, JSLS, Oct 2000;(4), 341-2.


  •  Pawan Lal, P N Agarwal, V K Malik. Open port placement of the first laparoscopic port, a safe technique: Our experience at Lok Nayak Hospital, New Delhi. JSLS. 2001;(5):341


  •  Pawan Lal, Sharad Sharma, P N Agarwal, A L Chakravarti. Percutaneous Drainage of breast abscess: An experience with 50 cases. JSLS. 2001;(5):359.


  • Pawan Lal, Jagdish Chander, V K Ramteke. Laparoscopic pyelolithotomy Vs ESWL. An alternative in renal stone management. JSLS. 2003;(9): 344.


  •  Lal P, Agarwal PN, Malik VK, Chakravarti AL. A difficult laparoscopic cholecystectomy that requires conversion to open procedure can be predicted by preoperative ultrasonography. JSLS. 2002:6:59-63. published in Indian J of Gastroenteroly under section India Elsewhere. (IJG. 2002. Vol. 21. September – October, 210)



Articles of Dr. Pawan lal Published in International and National Newspapers


International newspapers


  • Pre-op Ultrasonography: A pointer to difficult Lap. Cholecystectomy. General Surgery News. New York. May 2001. vol 28. Number 5.


  •  Less invasive approach best for benign breast tumors. General Surgery News. New York. March 2002. Vol. 29. Number 3.


National newspapers


  • An article published in Punjab Kesri in 19th Jan 2002, about laparoscopic cholecystectomy information for general public.
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