Ureteroscopy (URS) and stone fragmentation is a well-established treatment for ureteral and renal stone disease. Infection and sepsis are recognized complications of URS that can result in significant morbidity and mortality1 . A positive preoperative mid stream sample of urine (MSSU) was the only factor significantly associated with postoperative urosepsis on multivariable analysis. Patients with a positive preoperative MSSU, despite being asymptomatic and receiving treatment with an appropriate preoperative course of antibiotics, were 4.88 · more likely to have postoperative urosepsis on multivariable analysis than those patients with a negative preoperative MSSU. The presence of diabetes mellitus, presence of ischemic heart disease, patient ASA score, undertaking same session bilateral procedure, and stone volume were the other variables significantly associated with  post-operative infection1.





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